Number of apartments

  • Three semi-detached houses, 6 apartments (80-94,5 m²)
  • Five terraced houses, 24 apartments (64-87 m²)
  • Three low-rise apartment building, 22 apartments (44-100 m²)
  • 52 apartments in total

Types of apartments

Apartment typeSize m²FloorNumber of apartments
2h + ak + balcony4412
2h + ak + s + balcony46,5 - 58,55
3h + ak + balcony644
3h + ak + s + balcony69 - 702
3h + k + s + balcony71,54
3h + k + balcony732
4h + k + s + balcony802
4h + k + balcony8312
4h + k + s + balcony876
4h + ak + s + balcony94,52
4h + k + s + balcony1001

Further information

  • Located in the new Puu-Myllypuro close to the services in Myllypuro, transport connections and sports opportunities. 
  • Each apartment has a balcony, as well as a second balcony or open terrace, depending on apartment type. Some apartments have a space for a fireplace.
  • The apartments in the terraced houses and semi-detached houses are on two levels.
  • The low-rises (Buildings D, I and J) are accessed via an access balcony. Apartments D13 and D16 accessed via the first floor, while their living areas are on the second floor. Apartment D17 has two floors. The other apartments are on a single level.
  • Shared facilities include a sauna, laundry room and drying room located on the first floor of Buildings I and J.
  • 44 parking spaces, 13 of which are in an unheated carpark, while the rest are open parking spaces.

The location was completed in September 2019.

Defect notification

NOTE! A defect notification may only be made by a resident of the location.

Basic information


Valssimyllynkatu 1
00920 Helsinki

City district


Year of construction


Maintenance charge

11,60 €/weighted m²/month

Original right-of-occupancy payment

Approx. 566,12 €/weighted m²

Building type

Apartment building, Semi-detached house, Terraced house

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