Marielundin puistotie

Number of apartments

  • Five terraced houses with two floors, 27 apartments in total

Types of apartments

Apartment typeSize m²FloorNumber of apartments
1h + k + s + yard3712
2h + k + s5322
3h + k + s + yard711 - 27
4h + k + s + yard86,5 - 971 - 214
5h + k + s + yard110,51 - 22

Further information

  • Located in Vuosaari, on the eastern side of Porslahdentie, on the edge of the park. Vuosaari metro station and services are approximately two kilometres away. The area offers excellent opportunities for sports.
  • Most of the apartments have two floors. There are four one-floor apartments, two of which are on the second floor of the building with a covered staircase outside.
  • Each apartment has a sauna and a yard. Apartments A1 and A2 on the second floor do not have a yard.
  • No shared sauna facilities or laundry room. The drying room is on the ground floor of building B.


  • 1 h+tk+s, 37 m²
  • 2 h+k+s, 53 m²
  • 3 h+k+s, 71 m²
  • 4h+k+s, 86,5 - 97 m²
  • 5 h+k+s, 110,5 m² 

Defect notification

NOTE! A defect notification may only be made by a resident of the location.

Basic information


Pilvilinnankatu 8
00960 Helsinki

City district


Year of construction


Maintenance charge

11,28 €/weighted m²/month

Original right-of-occupancy payment

Approx. 244,00 €/weighted m²

Building type

Terraced house

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