Linnanherrantie 28

Number of apartments

Terraced / semi-detached house, 11 apartments

Types of apartments

Apartment typeSize m²FloorNumber of apartments
3h + k + s + yard81,5 - 831 - 26
4h + k + s + yard92 - 92,51 - 25

Further information

  • Located in Mellunkylä, at the corner of Humikkalantie and Linnanherrantie streets. The surrounding area is mostly made up of detached houses.
  • The location is electrically heated; each apartment has its own electricity meter.
  • Each apartment has a heat-storing fireplace in the living room.
  • All apartment yards have a wooden patio.


  • 3 h+k+s, 81,5-83,0 m²
  • 4 h+k+s, 92,0-92,5 m² 

Defect notification

NOTE! A defect notification may only be made by a resident of the location.

Basic information


Linnanherrantie 28
00940 Helsinki

City district


Year of construction


Maintenance charge

11,43 €/weighted m²/month

Original right-of-occupancy payment

Approx. 278,10 €/weighted m²

Building type

Semi-detached house, Terraced house

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