Administration and joint management

HASO employs Managing Director Juha Viljakainen and a small expert organisation. HASO purchases property management from the property manager’s office. This arrangement is both practical and cost-effective.

HASO is a part of the Helsinki Group and its joint management model allows us to note and make use of the expertise of the tenants at all levels of administration. The activity of tenants and housing locations’ boards truly contribute to the housing expenses and satisfaction.

The levels of the administration model are the following:

Tenant meeting. A meeting for the tenants of a single housing location

Board and chair of a housing location or a contact person selected by the board to represent the location.

The board chairpersons’ meeting selects the tenant members of the housing company’s board and their substitute members (3 tenant members).

The board of the company is appointed by the shareholder meeting based on a proposal by the City Board. The board of the company consists of three tenant members, two representatives suggested by the City Board and two civil servants. The board appoints the work committee of the board and other work groups, as necessary.

The Managing Director is in charge of the operative activities of the company.