Ownership and industry

Haso is wholly owned by the City of Helsinki. The business focuses on owning and leasing properties and owning the residential buildings on the properties, as well as transferring rights of possession to the apartments in the buildings based on right-of-occupancy agreements or temporary rental agreements.

As the sole owner, the City of Helsinki ensures a fair form of housing for Haso tenants as it does not seek profit. Haso ’s operations are steered by the Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act and the decisions made by City bodies. Haso ’s administration is directed by the Limited Liability Companies Act, the City Group’s instructions, and the joint management model between the company and the tenants based on the Act on Joint Management of Rental Buildings as approved by the City Board on 12 June 2006.

Values and goals

The company’s values and goals are concrete and close to the tenants. We have various ways of taking care of:

  • Tenant satisfaction: We measure customer satisfaction annually. Survey responses provide us with vital information for our decision-making.
  • Maintaining the value of the properties: We make all necessary repairs without delay. Our renovation and risk funds are sufficient.
  • Environmental matters: We monitor energy and water consumption, recycle waste, place housing locations by public transport connections, design pleasant yards and pay attention to the appeal of our sites.
  • Competitive maintenance and capital expenses.


Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy, HASO, was founded on 28 September 1992, and it is currently the largest right-of-occupancy housing company in Helsinki and the fourth largest in Finland. It has in total about 5800 completed apartments.
HASO employs Managing Director Juha Viljakainen and a small expert organisation. HASO purchases property management from the property manager’s office. This arrangement is both practical and cost-effective.