Become a HASO resident!

Helsingin Asumisoikeus Oy, HASO, is a right-of-occupancy housing company owned by the City of Helsinki. HASO offers reasonably priced and high-quality apartments in the Finnish capital while also respecting environmental values.

Secure housing with less financial risk

Right-of-occupancy housing is a housing form between rental housing and owner-occupied housing. The holder of the right of occupancy pays a right-of-occupancy payment equalling 15% of the apartment’s purchase price and a monthly maintenance charge similar to rent. The size of the payment depends on the apartment’s size and price per square metre. You can get a loan with tax-deductible interest for the right-of-occupancy payment. You can also use the right-of-occupancy agreement as a security for the loan.

The monthly maintenance charge covers the capital and maintenance expenses of the buildings. The maintenance charge is based on the cost price principle, and it must be lower than the rents in the same city. You can receive housing allowance for paying the maintenance charge.

You can stay in your right-of-occupancy apartment for all your life, if you wish. You can also switch the apartment for another right-of-occupancy apartment if your life situation changes. It can also be transferred to a family member in an ascending or descending line, left to someone as an inheritance, or rented out temporarily if your life situation so requires. Moving out of a right-of-occupancy apartment for good is also completely risk-free, since the housing company will take the apartment back and return the right-of-occupancy payment to the tenant moving out – with interest based on the building cost index!

Who makes the decisions in a right-of-occupancy building?

At HASO, tenants participate in decision-making at all levels. Tenants know their buildings the best, and they collaborate with property manager and HASO, when decisions are made considering the building and the yard, such as cleaning, maintenance, purchases and repair needs.

Tenant democracy starts at tenant meetings.The tenant meeting selects the location’s board and the chair or contact person who will represent the housing location at HASO’s chairpersons’ meetings. In turn, the chairpersons’ meeting selects the tenant members of HASO’s board of directors. HASO implements true joint management with the City of Helsinki.

Right-of-occupancy housing is governed by the Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act.

Possibility to make additions and changes

You can do additional work or make changes to the right-of-occupancy apartment, as long as you follow HASO’s instructions for renovations. Allowed and forbidden renovations are listed on HASO’s instructions for additions and changes (in Finnish).

It should be noted that the holders of the rights of occupancy have the right to live in the right-of-occupancy apartments, but the holders do not own their apartments. This is why all renovations must be in accordance with the owner’s – HASO’s – policies and the renovations must not reduce the apartment’s value.

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