Wealth limit

A Haso right-of-occupancy apartment can be granted to an adult if they do not own a corresponding apartment in the application area and do not have sufficient funds to purchase such an apartment.

The wealth limit does not apply to applicants aged 55 years or older, or applicants who are switching from one right-of-occupancy apartment to another. These applicants do not need to report their wealth.

The wealth limit is specific to each apartment

The wealth limit is 50% of the market price of an apartment corresponding to the apartment applied for. Matters such as the apartment’s location, size and construction year affect the wealth limit. 

If spouses apply for an apartment together and both sign the right-of-occupancy agreement, the wealth of both them will be taken into consideration.

The specific current wealth limit is verified only at the Housing Services, which will also verify the applicant’s wealth. 

  • Example 
    An applicant applied for a two-room apartment of 53 m2 from Haso in September 2019. The apartment is in an apartment building and it is located in the postal code area 00560 in Toukola where the average price for old two-room apartments is €5,651/m2 (according to Statistics Finland). 
    Market price: 53 m2 x €5,651 = €299,503.
    Wealth limit: 50% of the market price = €149,751.50.

Wealth report

The Housing Services of the City of Helsinki verify the applicant’s wealth before approving them as a holder of the right of occupancy. Wealth is specified on a form attached to the housing offer. This form needs to be filled in with care.

The wealth specification concerns the wealth shown on the pre-completed tax return, such as properties, shares and debts. Information on personal bank accounts, such as an advance savings and subsidy scheme account, are not needed. The pre-completed tax return must be attached to the wealth specification form.

Pre-completed tax return can be found at MyTax service


More information about wealth report and limit is given by
Housing Services of the City of Helsinki