Moving in

After you have been notified by Haso that you have been approved as a holder of a right of occupancy, you will agree on the date of signing the agreement with the property manager’s office. When you come to sign the agreement, you will receive more information about the practices of your future apartment and building.

PLEASE NOTE! The instructions here concern completed right-of-occupancy apartments. You can apply for buildings to be constructed via the Housing Production of the City of Helsinki, who will provide instructions for the various practices.

Moving day
A new holder of a right of occupancy will get to move into their apartment on the date on which their liabilities start. You can always move in later. When you come to sign the agreement, you will receive a moving-in notification on which you will state the date of moving in. Haso will transfer this information to the maintenance company for the occupant register.

New tenants receive their keys from the maintenance company on the date on which the liabilities start, at the earliest. You will receive the maintenance company’s information when signing the agreement. You can order additional keys from the property manager’s office for a separate fee.

Parking spaces, laundry room, sauna reservations
When you are notified that you have been accepted as a holder of a right of occupancy, we will also ask you about your need for a parking space, laundry room access and a sauna reservation (if the housing location has a laundry room and a shared sauna) and specify the prices of these services. The fees for the parking spaces and saunas will be charged monthly in connection with the maintenance charge. The housing locations may not have vacant parking spaces, in which case you can register for the parking queue. 

Security deposit
The security deposit for Haso locations is 500 euros. It needs to be paid at least a week before the liabilities start. The deposit is returned to the holder of the right of occupancy after three years of irreproachable living.

Right-of-occupancy payment
The level of the right-of-occupancy payment is stated on the housing offer. The payment is due on the date on which the liabilities start.

Monthly maintenance charge
Tenants pay a monthly maintenance charge for the right-of-occupancy apartments, the level of which is stated on the housing offer. The due date for the maintenance charge and the related parking space, sauna and water charges is the 5th of each month.

Water charge
Haso has locations with both a fixed water charge and water meters. The fixed water charge is 18 euros/person/month.
All housing locations constructed in 2007 and later have water meters.

Payment receipts
Receipts for all payments (right-of-occupancy payment, deposit, maintenance charge and other monthly fees and a potential deposit for the laundry room) are given to the future holder of the right of occupancy upon the signing of the agreement.

The technical property manager will inspect the apartment when the agreement of the previous tenant ends. According to the Right-of-Occupancy Housing Act, when the holder of the right of occupancy moves in, the apartment needs to be in a condition that can be reasonably expected based on the agreement’s content, age of the apartment, local housing conditions and other aspects. At Haso, walls are always painted and clear defects repaired. As there is little time for these actions when the tenants change, sometimes the repairs have to be made only after the new tenant has moved in. In these cases, Haso and the holder of the right of occupancy will agree on the date of the repairs.

HASO tenants can make additional renovations and changes to their apartments in accordance with the company’s instructions. However, renovations can only be agreed on after the liabilities have started. Renovations cannot be made in advance.

Statutory notification of change of address
A notification of change of address must be submitted to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency a month before the move, at the earliest, and after a week from the move, at the latest. Haso will transfer the information of the holders of the right of occupancy and any additional tenants to the maintenance company. However, if tenants move in or out, Haso needs to be informed of these tenants separately. Only persons registered in the occupant register can get their doors opened by the maintenance company if they have lost their keys. You can find more information about the notification here.

Maintenance company
You will receive the information of the maintenance company when signing the agreement. The information is also available on the noticeboard of the housing location.

Some housing locations include an inexpensive building broadband connection for which the tenant may order additional speed (the tenant will pay the difference). The tenant will sign an agreement with the internet service provider separately, regardless of whether the connection is a building broadband or a private subscription. The internet connection will also be discussed when signing the right-of-occupancy agreement.

Electricity contract
A tenant moving into an apartment will need to sign an electricity contract separately well in advance.

Home insurance
Haso does not require its tenants to have home insurance, but it is strongly recommended.

Register of occupants
If you need a copy of the register of occupants, you may order it from the maintenance company. The copy is subject to a charge specified by the maintenance company. The contact information and price lists of the maintenance companies are available on the noticeboards of the housing locations.